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January 12, 2010


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WOW! I LOVE the dollhouse and, if I don't mind saying, "my" furniture looks great! One doesn't really think about how many times a person might SMILE, chuckle or laugh when selling on ETSY but it really has been part of the experience. I glow in the small part judygovintage played for your creation. The house is stellar.
A gifted artist, Oiseaux also shares the juice of creativity so anyone can do the same for a little one!

Trudy callan

That's an awesome idea. It turned out great.


wonderful! amazing! I want one.... no kids at my house, but making one for myself sounds the perfect thing!

wishful nals

wow! incredible job. you have a beautiful blog here. xo


Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!


This is unbelievably perfect and beautiful... I really love it.

Baby Nursery Furniture

I really like the pictures. You have definitely put in a lot of efforts in making it all up and can be clearly seen in the pictures. I highly appreciate your work.

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